Japan Studies Theses and Translations Database(Patrick Beillevire,ed.)


This database was created based on Le Japon en langue française.
Ouvrages et articles publiés de 1850 à 1945 (Societe Francaise des Etudes Japonaises,
Paris, 1993, Editions Kimé,1993, Société Française des Etudes Japonaises)) edited by Patrick BEILLEVAIRE.

2. This database includes the following information.
Author/Author〔Kanji〕/Birth-death dates of Author/Title of work in French/Title of work in Japanese〔Romanized〕/Title of work in Japanese/Genre/Translator-Translation-Year Printed/Publisher or Publication Name /Translator’s name /Year translated/Publisher’s name
3. Entries not found in the original data were filled to the largest possible extent.
4. Entries for which data was not present and could not be found have been filled with “―“.
5. French titles and Romanized Japanese titles were reproduced as closely as possible from the original. Any obvious errors were corrected.

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