Japanese Literature in Italian


This database was created based on “Narrativa giapponese. Centanni di
traduzioni” (Libreria Editrice Cafoscarina, 2000.7), edited by Adriana Boscaro.
The explanatory notes for this volume area as follows (translated from the
Japanese, by Nakagawa Etsuko)

-  Authors translated into Italian after 1900 are listed in alphabetical order.
-  Plays are noted with an asterisk (*).
-  Following the author’s name, the works translated into Italian are listed
  in order of year published.
-  The original title and author’s name are given in parentheses.
  Reprintings, particularly under another publisher, are given.
-  The translator is indicated with “trad.”, the editor with “a cura di”.
  The page each work begins on is listed when it is included in a collection
  or anthology.
-  There are 105 authors who have had at least one work translated from
  Japanese into Italian, and 20 works with undetermined authors.

2. This database has focused on the following information:
Author's name/Birth-death dates of Author/Translator's name/Year translated/
Title in Italian/ Title in Japanese〔Romanized〕/Title in Japanese/Publisher’s name/Reprint/Written,Published〔Original〕
3. Blank entries in the original directory have been filled where possible.
4. Where the translator is listed as “non dall' originarle” in the directory,
the name has been surrounded in parentheses, and where “dal(?)”
is listed (?) has been added after the name. Where no name is listed in the
original directory, the entry is left “―”.
5. About the editor,where (a cura di) is listed has been added after the name.
6. Romanized and Italian titles are entered based on how they appear in the
original directory. Entries clearly in error have been corrected as needed.
7. When the title in Italian is not corresponding to the original title,the title has been surrounded in parentheses.
8. When the year written/published cannot be determined, the entry has
either been left blank or“?”or, as in the original directory, “~か” has been
added after the estimated year.

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