Japanese Literature in French (SFEJ)

1. This database is based on data created by the SFEJ
(French Association of Japanese Studies ).
2. This database includes the following information:
Title of work in French/Translator's name/ Year translated/ (Title of work ˇĚKanjiˇÍ)/ Title of workˇĚRomanizedˇÍ/ Genre / (Author's name ˇĚKanjiˇÍ)/ Author's name ˇĚRomanizedˇÍ/
(Birth-death dates of Author)/ Publisher's nameˇ¦name of magazine translation appears in/ No.of pages

Parentheses ( ˇˇ) indicate supplemented information.

3. Blank entries in the original directory have been filled where possible.
Where blank entries could not be filled, ˇČ-ˇČ has been entered.
4. Romanized and French titles are entered based on how they appear in the
original directory. Entries clearly in error have been corrected as needed.

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